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 Rayen is a beautiful city in Province of Kerman in Iran


RAYEN, with lots of tourist attractions,   beautiful  nature,

   Natural views,invites you to visit

1-Historical place:  ARG-E-RAYEN (20000 sq.m )

historical building  has second rank of mudbrick-made

buildings in the world after ARG-E-BAM   

2-Nature: RAYEN waterfall ,attractive natural   

views,KOOH-E-HEZAR streams

3- Religious Monument :


ALI ,IMAM ZADEH SHAH ZEID are located in rayen

4-Geology : the biggest volcano in rayen area is next to the


5-mountain climbing : 4501m height mountain (KOOH-E-HEZAR)

Known as south of iran's roof

6-Mineral wealth:green,pink and white crystallized calcium

Carbonate (in Persian called MARMAR)and sodium solphat

Mines have been found in rayen.

7-Mineral water streams:

a) GHORGHORAH stream " sodik clororah bi calcik

bicarbonate "is similar to FRANCE ORYAZH mineral water.

b) HOSSEIN ABAD mineral water stream "sodik bicarbonate "

almost similar to FRANCE VISHI mineral water.




Rayen; the undetected treasure of the desert of Iran

The city of Rayen 100 km off the south of Kerman is located at the foot of Mt. Hezar which is the 4th highest mountains in Iran and the highest peak of the southern part of our country. Rayen with its ancient civilization and antiquity has had a suitable condition during the reign of Sasanian dynasty. Since it was situated in the route of highways connecting West to East, it has been one of the centers of giving and taking merchandise as well as weaving valuable cloths which were exported even to the farthest areas such as Egypt.
Rayen because of having the monument “Rayne’s castle”, natural waterfall sceneries, several springs originating from Mt. Hezar, 1000-year old planes, 400-year old cypresses, volcanic mountains, spas and the holly shrine of 3 descendants of Imams (Imamzadeh) is considered an important area for both touring and pilgrimage.
The most important attraction of this ancient city is its historical castle. This castle which covers an area of about 20,000 square meters, is a valuable heritage and a cultural historical wealth which hosts thousands tourists each year.
It is known that several other ancient castles had existed in Rayen but were ruined due to natural disasters.
Mt Hezar has a vegetation of about 1000 various plants and this is the source where the name of the mountain originally comes from.
The rural areas at the foot of Mt. Hezar offer a pleasant weather and scenic waterfall to visiting tourist in spring and summer. The 400-year old cypresses together with Plato Boulevard can be known as other attractions of the city. The presence of lush trees has donated a special beauty to the boulevard. To introduce religious places in Rayen, on can name the holly shrine of Abolbashaer who is also known as “God’s lion”. This man is an honorable and respected descendent of the prophet of Islam (Sayed) who is one of Imam Sadeq`s grandsons and has supervised other descendent of the prophet of Islam (Sayeds) in Kerman. It can also be mentioned that the holly shrine of Sayed Ali- Imam Hasan Mojtaba`s grandson and of Zeyd- Imam Mosa Kazim`s grandson is situated in Rayen.
Besides historical, recreational and religious places considered as different attractions of the city, we can name the biggest volcanic opening located near the rural area Qale Hasan Ali. This opening also includes 14 other smaller volcanic openings as well as several spas. If you travel about 30 km toward the south of Rayen you will reach a spa in the route of one of the rivers of Mt. Hezar. The water of this spa is known as deuterium which is similar to the Oriyaz Izr spa in France. Although its water is not drinkable it can be used as a kind of medication for diseases such as rachitism, rheumatism and lymphatism.
Marble mines in Rayen have a worldwide reputation. These marbles have been used to decorate the holly shrine of Imam Ali and to build the monument Taj Meha. This fact is a direct indication of the high quality of Rayen`s marble.
Agriculturally speaking, Rayen is a rich area in producing various fruits such as pistachios, walnuts, pomegranates, grapes, pears, strawberries, cherries, peaches and apricots. It should be added that Rayen is also famous because of its handicrafts. People of this city are very skillful at metal works and specially the art of knife making. Dilettante women of Rayen are good at creating decorative arts such as pate, a kind of handmade art.
Indubitably, possessing such positive characteristics has transfigured this city into a unique stone and a shiny ring in the rosy desert of Iran. Paleontologists believe that Rayen is the undetected treasure which can divulge untold secrets of the past. Rayen requires and deserves more exploration and examination.
Rayen Castle:

Rayen castle is an adobe castle in Kerman province. The well-preserved medieval mudbrick city of Rayen . Rayen displays all the architectural elements of a deserted citadel.Rayen castle has been well preserved, considering the numerous natural disasters that have been destroying similar structures nearby.

Arg-e-Rayen was inhabited until 150 years ago and although believed to be at least 1,000 years old, may in fact have foundations from the pre-Islamic Sassanid. (1500 years ago)

The Sassanid dynasty (also Sassanian) was the name given to the kings of Persia, which includes much of present-day Iran. During the era of the second Persian Empire, from 224 until 651, when the last Sassanid king, Yazdegerd 3rd , lost a 14-year struggle to drive out the Umayyad Caliphate, the first of the Islamic empires. By the Sassanids, their Empire was called Iran or Eranshahr.The Sassanid era is considered to be one of the most important historical periods in Iran


ARG-E-RAYEN ,cultural/historic heritage-listed building

thousand different species of plants grow such as ZIREH

grow in KOOH-E-HEZAR region and for this reason called HEZAR.


holy shrine of imamzadah SHR-E-KHODA one of the imam    sadegh(PBUH)'S grandchildren and the leader of SADAT group in kerman in 6th HEJRI century   


RAYEN waterfall ,14 kilometer in the west side of rayen  



Evergreen tree (in Persian SARV) sign of permanence

GHORGHORAH stream " sodik clororah bi calcik  

 bicarbonate "is similar to FRANCE ORYAZH mineral water



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